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Sansui (Japan)

210   2000-X   8080DB
9090 Receiver   9090DB Receiver   AU-919 Integrated Amplifier
AU-7700 Integrated Amplifier   AU-7900 Integrated Amplifier   CA-3000 Preamplifier
G-8000 Receiver   QS-500 Rear Channel Amplifier   RA-500 Reverb Amplifier
RA-900 Reverb Amplifier   T-60   TU-217 AM/FM Stereo tuner
TU-919 Tuner   TU-7700 Tuner   TU-9900 Tuner

H.H. Scott

LK-60/LT-112   Scottsman   Stereomaster 348


  S-3000 FM Tuner


6072A   TC-200

Sony (Japan)

  MX-1000 Mix Panel   SB-500 Tape Recorder Selector
SHT-69 Cassette Receiver   TC-K71 Tape Recorder   TC-K555ES-II Tape Recorder

Sound Craft Systems


Spectro Acoustics

201R Graphic Equalizer

Star Lite


Stromberg Carlson

Series 105 FM Tuner   SR-402 Tuner

Tandberg (Norway)


Teac (Japan)

2340R Tape Deck   A-4070G Tape Deck   A-4300SX Tape Deck
AN-80 Noise Reduction Unit

Technics (Japan)

SA-203 Stereo Receiver

Thorens (Switzerland)




Voice of Music

1428   1450 Amplifier   1465-2
1540 Amplifier   1575-3 Turntable


180-1 Wire Recorder

Yamaha (Japan)

CA-400 Integrated Amplifier   CR-640 Stereo Receiver   CR-1020 Receiver
CR-2020 Receiver   CT-400 AM/FM Stereo tuner   CT-800 AM/FM Tuner
CT-1010 AM/FM Tuner   REV-7 Digital Stereo Reverb

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