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Heathkit AJ-14 FM Stereo Tuner
Heathkit AJ-14 FM Stereo Tuner
Heathkit AJ-14 solid state FM stereo tuner. Fourteen transistors: RF amp, LO, mixer, 4 IF stages, AF preamp, buffer, 38 kc pilot oscillator, 2 detectors, 2 lamp drivers. Features a ratio detector and switching demodulator with front panel phase control (pull to adjust). The cabinet shows signs of insect or fungal attack and a chemical spill. This tuner was found under a pile of clothing on the sidewalk next to a needy donation bin. Perhaps the owner died and the estate's executor disposed of the belongings in summary manner. All waveforms are correct into the stereo demodulator, which will not yield a separated stereo output for any setting of the phase knob. The appearance is typical of 1970-era Heathkit audio components. A complete system consisting of AJ-14 tuner, AR-14 amplifier, AD-120 turntable (rebranded BSR) and a pair of AS-37A speakers cost $300 - $350.
Photo donated by Dan Collier.
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