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Terms and conditions

Here are the Radio Attic's terms and conditions for displaying your vintage audio in the Old Audio Archives.

In a Nutshell  (but please keep reading)
The Old Audio Archives will gladly publish your images of your vintage audio forever.  That was easy!

Submitting Photographs
The easiest way to submit photographs is via e-mail.  I can accept almost all graphics files, and my ISP does not limit image size.  So send it big if you want; I'll take care of cropping and reducing the size to a reasonably fast-loading file without compromising picture quality too much.  Or snail-mail to me at the address below & I'll scan them.  All snail-mailed photographs will be returned to you after I scan them along with reimbursement for your postage costs.  You may want to check the master listing of images first.  If your photograph is, in your opinion, of better quality than one already in the Archives, send it on!

What I Do With Your Images
I will crop your image to optimize its appearance.  To save disk space, I will resize all images to a maximum height or width of 800 pixels, and will compress images to a file size of 100 Kbytes maximum.   I may stretch or tweak an image to soften the perspective or lighten/darken in extreme cases, but I do not as a rule modify or enhance images (too lazy).  I recommend more than one photo for unusual-shaped items such as consoles, or units with doors or large speaker horns; I will try to display your radio to its best advantage.

Ownership of Images
By sending me a photo, you assure me that the audio item in the photo is or was previously owned by you and that the image is not copyrighted by anyone else.  Please don't send images downloaded from someone else's web site!  All images or photographs you donate will remain your property.  I will not use them for any purpose other than to display them on this web site; I will not copy them or distribute them to any other individual for any purpose without your express permission.  Visitors may not download, link to, or upload images to any other web site for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of the Webmaster and the owner of the images.  Any other use of these images constitutes theft.

Your "Contributor Page"
Friends of the Old Audio Archives will each have an individual Contributor Page which will consist of thumbnails of the images you contribute and a hyperlink to your web site, if you have one.  

Selling Stuff Displayed in the Archives
I realize sellers have a right to sell their property wherever they wish.  However, I insist that individuals NOT link to any images displayed on this web site for the purpose of advertising an item for sale (please place an ad at the Radio Attic or Old Radio Classified instead).  Thanks for your cooperation.

If you agree to these terms and conditions, please send your images!

Radio Attic's Old Audio Archives
P.O. Box 823
Springville, AL 35146


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